Error 524 on my site


Hi, i use cloudflare from many years.

In this period i use a plugin to update my site that runs over 100sec so i always had error 524

problem is that on wordpress is impossible to divide site in this way: front

so the solution? Gray on DNS? But it disable ssl and still not work!

Any suggest?


If your request takes longer than a hundred seconds and you cant split it into smaller chunks your only choice is to unproxy the host by switching to :grey:.

Assuming that you still have a valid certificate on your server it should not affect HTTPS in any way.


and infact i do not have a ssl certificate. I use cloudflare certificate.


That is a bad choice as your site is not secure in that way. Only the connection between the user and Cloudflare is encrypted, everything else is plain text and so effectively not encrypted. I can only strongly suggest to install a certificate on your server.

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