Error 524 from CloudFlare

My site was working well with Cloudflare, until I started experiencing Error 524 (A timeout has occurred). I thought it was from my hosting server, only to discovered after several troubleshooting that it was coming from Cloudflare. The moment I paused Cloudflare my site started working fine again.
I have waited for two weeks to see if the problem was due to maintenance, but no success when I activated my site on Cloudflare again this morning.

Your support is appreciated.

Without the domain name, we can’t test it, but a 524 means your server is taking longer than Cloudflare is willing to wait for data.

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Ok, sorry about that.
The site name is

Hope to here from you.

Your server appears to be up but Cloudflare still cannot connect. Check if you have any firewall rules (or anything similar) on your server configured which could prevent Cloudflare from connecting. That seems to be the most likely reason at this point.

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This issue since to be cache related. If I purge every on Cloudflare my site will come up, if I try access another page it will display Error 524 again, if I purge every, it will work again. Any help will be appreciated.

It is highly unlikely the cache is involved. Have you tried what I suggested?

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