Error 524 - experiencing cloudflare caching wp-admin, even thought i had added disable caching rules?

I have lodged a ticket with Cloudflare support with the following issue,

They have provided a screenshot stating that my “wp-admin” is bypassing and not caching… however, when im using a export tool that takes longer than the default 100 seconds timeout, i get default Cloudflare error 524 time out.

The export tool i use on the backend of the website can take upto 3 minutes to complete.

I dont know why im experiencing this error

If it takes longer than 100s, you’d experience 524 timeout.

I’d suggest you to use “Pause Cloudflare for this Website” from the CF dashboard → Overview at the bottom right.

Once completed, un-pause and continue using Cloudflare.

Otherwise, temporary switch proxied :orange: to unproxied :grey: (DNS-only).

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@fritex already Provided what you need to do. But to add: The Reason this is Happening is that the Bypass Cache has nothing to do with the Timeout. The Timeout is for All request that get proxied through Cloudflare no matter if they get Cached or not

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