Error 524 and how to increase the 100 seconds value

Hi there,
i have a store for selling T-shirts and accessories and i use Printfull platform integration API with my Woocommerce. When i try to add a product with much variants an error showed

then even when i try to do update or recover backup (Wordpress, other plugin) or delete much product in the same time… the 100 seconds error 524 came out

so can you suggested solutions for me??
thanks in advance
my website is

If you’re hitting a timeout, you really should look into fixing your server. 100+ seconds is really bad, even when performing database-intensive operations.

Try removing old, useless, or no longer needed plugins from your website. Or, change hosting providers to one that can guarantee a fast experience.

well i’m hosting in GoDaddy and i contact them but they said that you’re not hosting in us but you are hosting in Cloudflare which i really didn’t understand it
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The GoDaddy person is certainly not even aware of what Cloudflare is about. Perhaps someone new to the job? Your DNS resolves to Cloudflare so that it does its job, which is that of a reverse proxy. From user to Cloudflare, from Cloudflare to your host. Stop paying them and I’m sure their billing dept will remind you that your website is being hosted by them :slight_smile:

As for the 5xx messages, they mean your origin server is slow at times. It was pretty fast when I visited your shop about an hour ago, but at times it won’t be as fast. It happens to any server. What you can do is try and reduce the number of assets that Cloudflare needs to pull out of your origin server, and the frequency.

As it is now, I don’t see any of your image/javascript/css files being cached by Cloudflare, though those files should be cached by default. Do you have any Page Rule in place with a “By-pass cache” setting? If so, you can change that by enabling a “cache everything” Page Rule that is limited to the folder where most of your static files normally are, your /wp-content/ folder. This should not interfere with the dynamic nature of your pages. This support page may help you set your Page Rules.

Another thing that helped my WP site a lot in terms of reducing the number of Cloudflare 5xx errors was to set a real cronjob. It may sound a bit too technical, but in reality it’s something easy to implement. You can find tutorials on Google, many reputable blogs teach how to do it. You replace the pseudo-cronjob that is installed on WP by default with a real cronjob, and that has a great impact on how your origin server works.

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