Error 524: a timeout occurred

I have a long running process and i am getting 524 , after searching i found that if i use subdomain and call long running service using subdomain this issue will be fixed , so i crerated a new subdomain which point to same domain name ip , i added a cname in cloudflare dns and point it to my main domain , and place my long running service file in subdomain directory but i am getting same 524 error , may be this is because both have same ip??

Please use the search. This topic has been covered extensively. Basically you need to unproxy the record by switching it to :grey:.

Already unproxy the record , its already grey , but still no luck , basically when i request to , request goes to , should i change root directory of subdomain site .

My subdomain name is api and i have a folder inside main website named “api” and i pointed subdomain root directory to main website folder api , so subdomain site is inside main website folder , when i request request goes to , should this be a issue?

In cloudflare n both proxied with orange cloud sign , and a cname “api” which point to unproxied with grey cloud sign

Already grey

Post the actual hostname.

Main website name is which is proxied
Subdomain points to which is not proxied

Your “api” record is not proxied, so you should not run into the timeout, however it seems to redirect to “www”. You need to remove that redirect from your server. is redirecting to . You are saying that i should remove this redirection?

So this redirection is issue? If i remove this redirection, this issue will be fixed?

I cant tell whether that fixes the issue, but your timeout happens because your server takes too long, hence you need to unproxy (or address the issue with your server taking that long) and if your unproxied record redirects to a proxied one, that obviously wont work. I am not sure why you have that redirect in the first place.

Thank you , my issue is resolved , redirection was issue , it was redirecting from non proxy to proxy

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