Error 524 A Timeout Occured

Hi Cloudflare, what is the problem with my wordpress website, It displays an error 524. It works perfectly this past weeks, however when I try to access it now it displays an error. My domain is

Thank you very much. Please help me…

Your page loaded for me, but I see why it would give a timeout error. It loads extremely slow and, if it takes too long, Cloudflare will give a 524 timeout error.

See the following article for troubleshooting this:

One solution is to use a cache plugin like wp fastest cache, but that may not even be enough. I recommend either upgrading your server to a faster one, or auditing your plugins to see which one is causing extremely slow load times.

Can you do a screenshot of my website? Thank you

It takes extremely long to load though:

This is your server doing all of the processing required to serve the page. The slowdown is most likely due to a plugin or slow server. See my suggestions in the first reply.

Thanks. Can i ask how did you access the my website though it loads very slow? Did you adjust something?

Didn’t touch anything on your domain (I can’t). I just went to it in my browser.

This isn’t Cloudflare support, I’m just a community member, most people on this forum are.

Thank you sir. I consider your solution very much appreciated.

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