Error 523 with Pages - when navigating to custom domain


I’ve created a very simple static site for two domains:

I’ve published two Pages sites for these, which work (very very basic).

I attached custom domains (the root domains) for both of these, via CNAME as Cloudflare auto creates, however, I am getting an error 523 and error 522 when using www.

Both these pages work when navigating via https://[domain] but not via https://www.[domain].

I’ve got CNAMEs for both which are www to [root domain], which as far as I’m aware is correct, but it must not be. Do I need to have the CNAME for www go to the same target as root?

My TLS settings are set to flexible, so I don’t think this would be the cause.

I know I’ve not got something configured incorrectly, I’m just not sure exactly what. Any help would be appreciated!



That is not correct. You would need to add the www hostnames as Custom Domains also. Though it’s best to pick just one to be canonical, and add a Redirect Rule for the other.

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