Error 523 when i use apache2 server in raspberry pi os with interface nextcloud


dear Team,
kindly help above error.
i use Apche2 server in rasapberry useing interface nextcloud.
domain name


Chances are your firewall is blocking the connection. Check the manuals for your router or ISP for opening ports.


same to me


cloudflare is down. check out the other threads.


Really cloudflare down


What makes you think? My sites are working. There are a few locations re-routed at the moment which doesn’t mean that Cloudflare is down.

Can you Access your NC instance via it’s IP?
I assume that you’re hosting it at home?


Cloudflare was, at a minimum, partially down and is still working to fully restore services according to the other thread.


Seems i missed something :joy:
Cloudflare Status is down as well for me now.


plz help

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You also didn’t answer my questions from a few days ago.

Assuming the current configured IP ends with .92 it isn’t reachable at all. It is even not (properly) announced to the Internet and therefore not routed.

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