ERROR 523 (unreachable origin)

can someone tell me how to overcome from the error host problem whenever i visit adviewer site it is showing error 523 (unreachable error) please tell me the solution i invested 50 $ in adviewer vip 1 and now i am regreting

I assume you are talking about and that this is not your site.

In that case I am afraid that’s an issue on the side of the their web server and the site owner will have to fix that. Neither Cloudflare nor the community can fix that.

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hlo brother can u help me in troubleshooting error 523 can you tell me the solution of unreachable error (problem) 7 days ago i invested 50$(3660₹)in adviewer site in vip 1 and now it is showing error please hepl me brother

yes brother i am talking about adviewer vip 1 my friend told me to invest in this and i invested but now i am regreting

You need to talk to your friend about this. This is an issue with that site and you need to get hold of the site owner. You can certainly go to your local law enforcement and file an official report, but that’s nothing Cloudflare can help with.

now he is saying i don’t know anything about this
brother do you know anything about this

Again, you need to talk to your friend. This is not Cloudflare related I am afraid.

but the security is provided by cloudflare

The site is using Cloudflare, but the issue is still something which needs to be fixed by the site owner.

how can i contact to site owner ?

I am afraid that’s also beyond the scope of the forum here.

what about my 50 $ bro :pleading_face::pleading_face: would i get ?

From the site owner of course.

bro, seriously i don’t know anything about this how to contact with site owner i m trying to get contact but unfortunatelly …

In that case

I am afraid we are going in circles at this point. As I said several times, that’s an issue the community cannot help you with I am afraid.

you are not getting bro what i’m saying are you on insta ?

Not sure what’s unclear about this.

Talk to your friend who suggested it, try to find the contact details of the site owner, go to the police, or contact a lawyer. That’s about the possibilities you have. The forum here is the wrong place.