Error 523, unable to access any websites since Friday

As of Friday we have been unable to reach any sites by DNS name that are listed in Cloudflare. No changes have been made to our network, but all sites continue to be down and we are receiving an error 523 when attempting to reach one specifically

I get the same, this site is down so it’s not you. (If you can see the site below, that too is on Cloudflare as well as this community site).

Sorry, I should have mentioned this is my website I’m trying to access. I’m basically beating my head on a wall trying to figure out why it stopped working, but nothing appears to be wrong. My WP server and firewall are both up and no changes have been made to either or my Cloudflare account.

I’m getting changing results when running my test so not sure what’s going on…

…but as it involves Google nameservers and Squarespace domains, maybe your domain is moving as part of the sale of Google domains. You should have an email from Google or Squarespace about what’s happening.

There was another user another day where this also changed the nameservers. You’ll need to check your Google domains account (or Squarespace if they moved)…

We are buying our domain from google domains (haven’t received an email yet about squarespace, but have an alert on my page saying they are migrating eventually), and we use Cloudflare custom name servers instead of the Google domain default ones.

I tried swapping to the Google domain defaults, which might be why you’re seeing changing, but it still didn’t come up.

Ah, ok. I’ve seen everything has gone back.

I suggest pausing Cloudflare (or set the DNS record to “DNS only”) and see if your site works then. If it doesn’t, check out your origin server for issues (change of IP, blocking of Cloudflare IP addresses, etc).

I appreciate the help. That didn’t fix the issue, but I guess I have to find out what is going on with that server because it was working Friday and no networking changes were made internally.

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