Error 523 - origin is unreachable


We’re having trouble with a domain which keeps replying with error 523 (origin is unreachable) and 522, when trying to loading the site.

How do we fix this?

Without knowing any specific details all I can do is ask you to look through this information:

Can you tell more about the website setup including DNS records and which other Cloudflare products are being used if any? What web provider are you using and how did you configure it with Cloudflare?


Hello again

Thanks for answering.

I’ve tried to follow the attached instructions, but unfortunately without luck. From what I can see is that the domain, is registred at a Cloudflare server but according to the instructions, it says that I should contact the origin web server host, which as mentioned before is Cloudflare?

Hope I make sense for you.

So you’re using Cloudflare Pages?

If not, then Cloudflare isn’t the host.

As far as I can see we don’t use Cloudflare Pages, but if I look up the host it list Cloudflare as the host?

Cloudflare is a CDN, not a web host.

I’ve just been in contact with the web host which told me that the problem lies with Cloudflare.

From what I can see within the Cloudflare app, the IPv4 addresses doesn’t match the origin IP listed at the attached picture.

Have you bypassed Cloudflare by either grey-clouding your DNS entry or using the “pause Cloudflare” option?

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS page?

The DNS page looks like this - hope that helps.

server seems to be totally down. IP does not respond to pings and is not listening on port 80 or 443 (or any other ports). so, there’s your problem.

Ah great…

Do you have any solution perhaps?

Well, what troubleshooting has been done on the server? Are you certain they haven’t changed the IP you’re supposed to be using?

There has been done none at all. I just stumbled upon this site that showed these kind of errors.

Since we work with Link Building and therefore have a PBN, it’s hard to keep track of every single site we have in our network.

I see any evidence that the IP has been changed (at least to me).

A good first step might be requesting that someone physically look at the server to see if it’s turned on.

So at Cloudflare? because as I mentioned earlier in the thread I tried to contact the other host, which send me back to Cloudflare.

No not Cloudflare.

The IP range belongs to “Internetbolaget Hosting” does that ring any bells?

Have you verified with them that you’re even using the correct IP?

Any time you need to contact a web most, make sure you bypass Cloudflare first by either grey-clouding your DNS entry or using the “pause Cloudflare” option

otherwise you’re just going to confuse them

I see - thanks a lot. It’s been very helpful - I’ll see how it goes with contacting Interbolaget.

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