Error 523: origin is unreachable - How to find IP for Cloudflare Domain?

Hi everyone, initially my DNS setting worked, but now it stopped working overnight.

I get an error code of # 523. I read the articles on troubleshooting this error code.

It says to:

  1. Confirm the correct origin IP address is listed for A or AAAA records within your Cloudflare DNS app.
  2. Troubleshoot Internet routing issues between your origin and Cloudflare, or with the origin itself.

My domain is registered with Cloudflare. I have other A records for subdomains on different platforms.

AProxied: My root domain has an IP that I entered when I first purchased the domain from cloudflare. Not sure if this is the problem? I wasn’t sure how to setup a new domain on Cloudflare. It has been working so far, hadn’t had any issues until now.
CNM Proxied: My “www” domain is with a website builder that includes hosting (the provider also uses cloudflare).
A: My “join” & “academy” subdomains is with another provider that uses WP and adds their own SSL.
CNM: My “go” subdomain is with my CRM provider.
A: My “connect”, “profit” and “pilgrims” subdomains is with my online video conferencing provider.

My SSL/TLS encryption mode is set to Full.

I have a couple of page rules:
1 root domain Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url: to www domain)
2 www domain Forwarding URL (Status Code: 302 - Temporary Redirect, Url: join subdomain) - I’m not using the root domain right now so I am forwarding it to a subdomain.

This is what happened when the error occurred:

  1. I use a link tracking service where you can add your domain.
  2. it give you three options to try setup:
    Before adding a domain or subdomain, go to the DNS setting of your domain on your (domain registrar) and add a RECORD with these values :
  3. For subdomain ( ex: )
    Type = CNAME
    Value / Name = subname
    Target / Destination =
  4. For root domain ( ex: )
    Type = CNAME
    Value / Name = @
    Target / Destination =
    Type = A
    Value / Name = @
    IP address =
    For Cloudflare disable the proxy and use DNS ONLY

I’ve tried all 3 but get that same error.

Can someone please help me? Please let me know if you need any other info?


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