Error 523 Origin is unreachable. Cloudflare Pages & Freenom

I have been waiting for around six months for Cloudflare Support to resolve this issue.

A 523 error means that Cloudflare could not reach your host web server.

Please contact your hosting provider to confirm your origin IP and then make sure the correct IP is listed for your A record in your Cloudflare DNS Settings page.

Hi there, As CloudFlare so helpfully suggests, this is an issue you’re going to have to work out with your hosting provider. That’s not us. We are just the domain name registrar. Since you’ve set CloudFlare’s name servers, we have no control at all over what happens with your domain and whether or not it will lead to your website. Kind regards, Freenom Support

To find out where a website is hosted enter the URL address:
It is hosted by: Cloudflare, Inc.
WHOIS information: **[Click here]
Organization name: Cloudflare, Inc.
IP address: 2606:4700:3037::ac43:a7da
AS(autonomous system) number and organization: AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc.
Reverse DNS of the IP:
City: Newark
Country: United States


Check DS record configuration

Does the hostname have a DS record? Does this record use the Cloudflare algorithm?

Error Found

Error Found

Resolve Issue




The hostname has no DS records.


Check for redirect loops

Does the request result in a redirect loop?

Error Found

Request Failed




Your request failed because the web server did not respond.


Check the HTTPS status

Does the site respond with a succesful HTTPS status?

Error Found

Error Found

Learn More




No, your request failed with a response status of 400 or above.


Check if redirecting unencrypted HTTP traffic works

Does the website redirect unencrypted traffic from HTTP to HTTPS?

Error Found

Request Failed




Your request failed because the web server did not respond.


Check the site for mixed content

Does the website mix encrypted and non-encrypted content?

Error Found

Request Failed




Your request failed because the site’s web server did not respond.


Check site speed (TTFB)

How fast is the page response time?

Error Found

Request Failed




Your request failed because the web server did not respond.

Who hosts your website? You need to contact them.

Per Hosting Checker, Cloudflare hosts my site. I am using Cloudflare pages.

Ok, can you join the official Discord so I can go through some debugging steps with you? The invite is: Cloudflare Workers

If you’d rather do it over the forums, can you please provide the following info:

  • Does the URL work?
  • Have you setup a custom domain?
  • If you have a custom domain, can you check that your CNAME is pointing to your URL

I will join the official Discord now to work with you on debugging. Thanks!

I am unable to get in to the Discord. It keeps giving me error / security messages. It is really annoying. I refuse to download their app.

The works perfectly

I set up over 20 custom domains. Every single one works apart from this one. The others all have google domains as the registrar. This one has freenom because it ends in .eu

My Record is as follows

Type - CNAME
Name - root
Content - [cloudflare page]
TTL - Auto
Proxy status - Proxied

Invalid invite indicates a ban (if you’re on a VPN that IP may be banned)

It should work fine… even with Freenom issues it should not affect this. I would need your URL to forward in order to get this looked into.
(Also note it’s the weekend so the team wont be able to look into it until Monday. There’s a good chance it’ll just fix itself with time)

[Cloudflare Support] 2266872 - Re: [Cloudflare Support] 2247152 - Inactive (error) Custom Domain for

Do you have access to Cloudflare tickets? It has been almost six months and the problem is still there.

Ticket numbers





Have you tried to delete and re-create the project. Something seems stuck somewhere. I don’t have ticket access (I’m just a community member) but I’ll pass this along to the team

Yes, I have tried deleting and re-adding multiple times. It does not work. I even sent them traceroutes

Previous suggestions by Cloudflare support

You may create a Page Rule to redirect all traffic from www.your.domain to your.domain as follows:
**Create a Page Rule for **

If the URL matches:
Then the settings are:
Forwarding URL 301 - Permanent Redirect

Alternatively, if you prefer for the site to be accessible on www, you would need to add www. as custom domain of your Cloudflare Pages instance.

I have passed all the ticket IDs along to the team.

My problem is that they take weeks to respond to an email. Often, their email repeats what they said before. I have sent them tons of information.

Can I message you on this platform to send you my

This has been sent directly to the team. I always followup with them to make sure things are resolved (and they always are)

It’s harder since you cannot join the Discord (if you send your username, I can look to see if you are banned and why). Usually, the team will DM you there and work with you easily.

Non-MVPs cannot seem to PM on this forum sadly, it’s why I prefer Discord. Maybe if an MVP sees this, they can get your PM and pass it along.

Issues like this are not good, the team does want these resolved (especially in cases like this). So, trust me, on Monday they will look into it.

Private Messages are like email. They’re just between two users. Other than the ticket #s already posted, that’s about all you can do, short of the OP working out their Discord ban.

Yeah yeah, I know what PMs are. Was just hoping maybe an MVP could send one to him since we cannot send as non-MVPs (and I believe MVPs can).

Either way, it’s all good. The user got the Discord sorted and details are with the right people now.

Hi @MoreHelp

It’s been four days and I have not heard anything from Cloudflare support.

I still get Error 522

Are you getting nxdomain errors? Are they happening on only domains with European registrars? If you can share the names of domains that are working versus those that are not working that would be helpful. If it is just European domains causing an issue it is probably because certain European registrars have a different nameserver registration process and require responsive nameservers prior to allowing the change. For the domains that are not working, can you find the Nameservers confirmed verification in your Audit Log?

I have run DIG and NXLOOKUP on the problematic domains and compared the results to the nonproblematic domains. There is no difference in output.

I initially suspected this failure to load problem had something to do with my domain ending in .eu.

But now I have a similar problem on a subdomain where Google is my registrar and the domain ends in a regular TLD.

All of my nameservers (Freenom, Google) currently point to Cloudflare:

My EU registrar, Freenom, says that they have nothing to do with it as I transferred my nameservers to Cloudflare.

Given that Cloudflare is my hosting provider, I don’t understand why it has taken months to get a response, and a response is still outstanding.

I went to DNS Checker → DNS Lookup.

I entered my problematic domain names. I chose Cloudflare as my DNS Server.

The Result: The IP attached to my domain has been blacklisted by a company.

Owner: CloudFlare Inc

IP blocked by

I went to this company’s site. Apparently, this company flagged Cloudflare’s IP due to missing info

No rDNS was found.

This IP has been flagged because have none valid FCrDNS.

Register a valid rDNS for this IP, which points to the same IP.

The rDNS must be registered under your own domain for you be able to delist it.


No registry was found for this FQDN.