Error 523 Origin is uncreachable with reverse proxy configuration


I’m currently trying to set up a reverse proxy and found this repository “”. Since I own several servers, I tested the instructions described in the repository with two Hetzner vServers. The configuration worked fine, the requests were forwarded to the backend.


# Website       Listen               Backend                  Cache Security SSL-Prikey   SSL-CRTkey    http://backend_IP:80    no    200      no           no  https://backend_IP:443   no    200      /vddos/ssl/ /vddos/ssl/

But now I am faced with the problem to implement this in my live system (frontend “Veesp”, backend “OVH”). With the same configuration I get a 523 - Origin is unreachable error. I’ve already asked on Stackoverflow what could be the reason and was referred to Cloudflare Support, because the problem could have to do either with Cloudflare itself or with the hoster of the backend.

So here is the question, how I could solve this problem, because the configuration worked with 2 Hetzner machines, but with two different hosters it led to the above mentioned error.

Please follow the steps in this post to solve your problem:


I’ve allready tried the tips but still getting the same error. Here’s the Ray-ID 4f72c14ff9c4d43f

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