Error 523 - need help

I completely understand the use of the Cloudflare Origin CA when proxying traffic through Cloudflare and you’re totally right that using the CF Origin Cert provides for a Full or Full(strict) connection to the origin server from CF – I use this exact setup for many sites. I was referring to the earlier suggestion that the OP

I (may have incorrectly) assumed then that the OP didn’t have SSL configured on the origin server and that was leading to an insecure connection error. In this case, simply installing a Cloudflare Origin cert on GoDaddy would still render an insecure connection. I’ve also experienced a similar error with Cloudflare proxying for GoDaddy, even with SSL installed on GoDaddy, with lots of support forum rants on GoDaddy leading me to believe that it’s more of a ‘GoDaddy saying F-you CloudFlare. You don’t get to use free SSL on our service…’

Also just as a note, there is only limited opportunity to install a 3rd party cert in GoDaddy products:

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