Error 523 in my site installation process

Hi support,

Thanks for your time to help me first~

My site was hosted in and works fine through Cloudflare.

Recently, I plan to move my site from ipage to a VPS, so I set up the VPS and backup the whole site, updated the A record with the new IP of the VPS in Cloudflare DNS settings. And then went back to upload the backup and installer to the VPS.

But what’s strange is that: I can visit the installer from the new IP from VPS, but in the installation process it says, can’t connect to the database created in my VPS. And then when I checked, it gave me 523 Error.

Could you help me out?


Your site is probably configured to use the database at (whatever your domain is) instead of localhost. Since your database is most likely hosted on your VPS, just find that config file and set database to use ‘localhost’. No quotes.

Thank you so much for your reply~

I tried as you said, using localhost, but it still doesn’t work.

I also found that, if I use Cloudflare’s orange service, it will give me Error 523. If I use DNS only, it will directly tell me error saying that the site is not responding. I have screenshot here:


Don’t forget to change that database password once you get things going.

Maybe your server doesn’t have a database up and running.

Thanks for reminding me~~

But I just can’t get it going…

I do have database set up:

Here is the Error 523 page screenshot:

And I tried another domain name which is not managed by Cloudflare, but hosted by the same company, it works fine.

Okay, the database issue solved. The database was set to local host only, not all.

But the ERROR 523 is still there…

Thanks for help~

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