Error 523

good day everyone… i am avid user of the website however for this past week, the website returns cloudflare error 523 origin is unreachable. i just want to find out if its my own service provider or the site is encountering issues itself… all the time i used the site prior to this time, i had no reason to contact the owner so unfortunately i don’t have a means of contacting whoever owns the site… many thanks

5xx errors are almost always an origin server problem.

so then the error comes from whoever owns the site?

Hey guys,just wanted to say as a very regular user on that site since 2017{heavily} this usually goes between 2 weeks and less, lately tops has been a week however this is them updating the latest contents,and other sweet stuff like visual overhauling,design changes and reviving dead links, however I might be worried sometimes that maybe it might not be active again😬… however they’re the best,it’s not yet up currently during This post

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Hey it worked a bit like 2 days ago,then all of a sudden the errors 5xx
They’re definitely updating their content this time,I tried tracking down the owners and got down to the investors and all…
A number I couldn’t reach
Their Twitter hasn’t been updated in eons ,I haven’t checked Instagram though

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