Error 523 for every click!

I’m using Cloudflare for more than 1 year. This problem Never occurred before.

Whenever I try to visit my site it shows error 523.
After that I refresh my page - site works!
Then I click on other post - again 523-again refresh- again works.

This happen for every page.
I talked with hosting. They said this not error of hosting. (Explained something about temporary url - which I could not able to understand)
Check with Cloudflare.

As I haven’t changed anything in DNS tab, so community tips won’t be helpful to check incorrectness of ip and DNS

I am afraid I cant reproduce that. For me the site loads fine.

523 is covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 523: Origin is unreachable but if you say it happens on each second request, that would make me think of a sort of load balancer. How many DNSrecords do you have configured on Cloudflare? Can you post a screenshot (redact IP addresses if necessary)? What about your server setup?

Currently Cloudflare has been configured for my domain ( and sub domain (
Here is screenshot of DNS records:

All right, so your Cloudflare configuration only points to one machine. Do you have any balancing setup on your server? Do you still experience issues if you pause Cloudflare altogether and go straight to your server?

Again, I am afraid I cant reproduce it. Maybe your host partially blocks certain Cloudflare regions.

Thanks for quick reply.
I’m newbie here. I don’t know how to check balancing set up.
Right now I don’t see this issue happened.
But this exactly happened when site gets 10-25 visitors at a time.
I want to check this pausing CF services. How to do it?
Is it as simple as one click process?

In that case it might be that your server simply cant handle the load and refuses to serve requests. That would be something your host needs to check. But it would be best if you can manage to reproduce the issue.

Bottom right on the overview page.

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