Error 523 fixed by Pausing - now what

Our site started getting Error 523 . No-one could reach the site.

After the usual checks, the problem was fixed, for the moment, by Pausing Cloudflare (Development mode or Purging Cache wasn’t enough).

My question is - what now? Yes, the site is up but without Cloudflare. What steps to take to fix the CF issue? We’ve looked at Tracert etc but there’s no apparent problem there.

The host site is working OK and DNS settings are correct (unchanged for over a year).

Aside from reenablling Cloudflare and crossing fingers there’s doesn’t seem to be anything we can do.


At least right now I am able to access your site via Cloudflare


Maybe it was a temporary routing issue between your Cloudflare PoP and your server.

Otherwise you could only open a support ticket and have them have a look at the connection trace to your server.

Thanks for the info. I’ll investigate as you suggest. Hopefully the problem will go away, probably as mysteriously as it arrived.
How did you access the site via Cloudflare when we’ve Paused CF for the moment? I ask because that would a useful trick for testing (instead of unpausing CF and hoping for the best).
Again – thanks for responding.

Peter D/

Configure your local hosts file to use the Cloudflare IP address instead of the resolved one.

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