Error 522 while trying to access page site deployed on cloudflare

Hello everyone!

I have just deployed a one-page html site using Cloudflare Pages functionality.
Unfortunately it is accessible only using Pages link: yuliya-lebedeva-com pages dev
The CNAME record which I have created points to yuliya-lebedeva com
However I get 522 error when trying to access the site in the browser.
Have tried different settings, removing and changing the CNAME records and also changing the certificate level to “Flexible”. No luck.

Anyone have any ideas?

Change that back to “Full (Strict)”

As for the 522, sounds like your domain is missing from the “Custom Domains” tab:

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Thanks for pointing out, WalshyMVP!
I have done all the settings mentioned by you. Waiting for the changes to get populated (not working now) and will update you once it is working!

These are my settings. Currently just seeing page which states that the DNS is not configured at all.

This site can’t be reached

yuliya-lebedeva com’s server IP address could not be found.

It looks like it’s working.

Oh, you’re missing a period.

Thanks! It works indeed.
I have missed the period since links posting is not allowed.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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