Error 522 when trying to access origin server

Hey, I watched the Network Chuck Youtube video where he sets up a Load Balancer and ties the Cloudflare Domain Name to the Virtual IP address by mapping the Public IP address to the Domain Name, then port forwarding to the Virtual IP address. I set up my Kemp load balancer, created a VIP on the service and Portforwarded to my Kemp VIP, went to the IP access list and whitelisted all the Cloudflare IP addresses in KEMP and created a WAF rule to allow all the IP addresses. This works if I type in my public IP address, but if I try to type in my Domain name (that I created in Cloudflare) I get an Error 522. The A Record matches my Domain name to my Public IP address, my certificates are set up. etc(e.g when I connect to my Real Server via the VIP there is a certifcate lock which states it’s from Cloudflare CA). I sent an email to the Help Centre and was told to add all the IP addresses to the white list, which I did, I even turned off my gateway firewall off momentarily to test and i still get error 522. I know that there is no issue when I type in my public IP address, the only issue is from Cloudflare to my gateway when I type in my domain name.


I turned off Reverse Proxy and I can access the Virtual IP Address by typing in the Domain Name within my local network. However If I type in my Domain Name outside of my network, it doesn’t work. Furthermore, If I ping the domain name outside of my network it states that it cannot find the host? but if I ping within the network it resolves my Public IP Address. I don’t know what else I can do?

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