Error 522 when proxy is turned on


I have searched and read the possible solutions and troubleshooting methods on this forum but still want to explain why I got this issue.

Something I need to highlights.

  1. The sites on the server used to working with proxy (orange cloud) turn on.
  2. No firewall or IP filter set since from the server, it’s open since server is up and running until today.
  3. I have multiple servers from different vendors, one CloudFlare account.
  4. When the site having 522 the colocation is different from working site’s colocation.
  • For instance, having 522 but working fine under same CloudFlare account.
  • When I cdn-cgi/trace I found that colocation from both sites are different. Working fine on LAX but problem on SEA.
  • Both are from the same server.
  • Today it may working fine in Singapore but not working for Malaysia or Philippines users.
  1. I want to try to get the HAF file to send to support but no activity to capture due to the Error 522.
  2. The problem happened more often during Covid-19 outbreak.

PS: If you read all the previous reports on this forum, they are all having same issue as mine. No outage status from CloudFlare Status page and it just back to normal after a while or few days. I have more than 80 domains with CloudFlare. Imagine when it’s 522, I have to disable all the orange cloud to normal DNS feature only it’s so painful. After switched back to DNS only, I gotta request Let’s Encrypt SSL for each affected sites. Technically 522 is unreachable host but it used to be working(for months to years) with proxy on.This is obviously some sites connected to problem datacenter. Btw, I’m both free and pro user.

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522 when colo is from Seattle. Those websites are working fine are from LAX.

I also got 522 randomly the last couple of days. I’m in Greece with Servers in Germany…

In most cases this is caused by the origin server or network. Ensure that all Cloudflare IPs are whitelisted so they don’t trigger any rate limit or similar.

No it’s not caused by origin server. If you check at CF status, on April 20 they fixed a lot of Error 522 issues caused by CF itself but no detailed causes stated.

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