Error 522 when DNS pointing to my home server

Hi ! I bought a domain name a few days ago wishing to use it for my Nextcloud instance which is hosted on a server at home. So I linked my domain to Cloudflare, went to “DNS records” and created a new record pointing to my public IP. The thing is, when I try to reach it it results in an error 522.
Just so you now : my domain is working fine and I created the record A “nextcloud” pointing to 91.170.*. (don’t wanna show it all). I also tested with an AAAA record and my IPV6 but I still got this error 522.
Does anyone have a clue about why I have this error and how I could deal with it ? Thanks in advance !

PS : The DNS record is OK according to “what’s my DNS”

What do you mean by this? It sounds like your home network is not allowing requests, which is what the 522 Community Tip describes.

The home network is my router ? Because I’ve searched everywhere but I can’t find anything on my router’s parameters about incoming requests or anything like that !

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