Error 522 website down

Hi all my clients website has just contacted me to say his website is not working.
He has an online ordering system and if his site is down for long today he will lose money.
Has anyone here an idea if this is a problem with cloudflare or with my hosting provider
I am attaching a screenshot of the error message.
Help Please
Thanks Victor

In fact its worse than I thought as I have 5 websites with my hosting company Hostinger and all of them are showing the same error above Error 522 Ray ID: 59f0d1341ba2d661 • 2020-06-06 08:38:58 UTC

Connection timed out

All of these sites go through Cloudflare for their SSL certificates so I just want to make sure the problem is with My hosting company Hostinger and not with Cloudflare.
Any help to clarify this would be great.
Thanks Victor

But your Screenshot already exactly tells this: it about your Server and that your Server timed out.

Please search for #CommunityTip 522

Thanks M4rt!n Im not very tech savy so I just wanted to rule out that it was for sure not a problem with Cloudflare I will just have to wait for Hostinger to get back to me. if you can do you get the same error when you try to access
Thanks Victor

Yes I get the same 522 Error.
You’re welcome

Thanks Have a great day.
Cheers Victor

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