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We’re having a connection timed out, error code 522, and it’s asking us to contact our domain. I am able to access the website from mobile data and specific Wifi connections. However, when I try to access it from our office wifi it gives us an error code 522.
We’re wondering how we could resolve this issue.

You have the right article to follow, maybe you can explore that specific point:

If you are seeing 522 errors in certain locations only, it means you likely forgot to allow one of our ranges that corresponds to these locations, so double check to ensure all our IPs are allowed appropriately.

Make sure that you have all the Cloudflare IPs allowed.

Take care!

Take care!

It used to work normally for a couple of months until today. But I will check the IPs if that solves the problem. If the problem is with the IPs how do I fix them?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I have checked the IPs, but there isn’t any issue with it. However, I still get error 522 within certain wifi connections.
Is there a solution to resolving this?

Thank you.


Have you checked this #CommunityTip ?

If that’s very specific, have you tried restarting the router/ device?


I found out that one of the IP addresses gets a time out, but the rest of them work.
I checked on the DNS records and they’re in the correct formats with connecting it with SquareSpace. How do I get the IP that is not working to not give a time out error?

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