Error 522 urgent help!

Hi there, i have Error 522 issue, idk how to fix it (i guess). i need help abt this, this is really annoying.

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Hello! Can you please share some details?

  • What’s the domain?

  • What platform are you using? Ex. None; Wordpress

  • Have you contacted your hosting provider for assistance?

  • Did you followed theses steps, including but not limited to allow and don’t rate limited Cloudflare IPs?



WordPress ofc.

Yep, support forwarded me to Cloudflare without any information about this problem.

Yes… i followed all of these steps, but… problem is still the same.

Pause Cloudflare for your site. Does your website work?

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Problem is stil here.

That means your host is down, you’ll need to get that fixed first

They said… from “their” side, Host is up

If you’ve paused Cloudflare and still can’t connect to your website, then it’s on their side, nothing is going through Cloudflare when it’s paused. Make them aware of this fact when you next contact them

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They said “Contact your host provider”, Namesilo support is useless

Cloudflare is not currently paused on this site. After the Turnstile check, a 525 error occurs.

Unless you are using NameSilo as your host, their answer is correct. Your domain registrar cannot help you with a webserver configuration issue unless they are also your host.


It works now, thanks wise man :heart:


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