Error 522 two domain

I have 2 domain-s that connect my cloudflare but this problem appeared both domains.
The problem : Error 522
I have a DIY NAS what it’s running OMV 5 and I used to Portrainer in my docker containers.
I bought a domain(namecheap and hungarian website) and I add for a FREE Cloudflare account.
Two domains are setting the cloudflare nameserever, and a root and a CNAME value has settings proxied mode.

Cloudflare setting :
SSL/TLS Recommender:on
Always us HTTPS : on
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) :on
Enforce web security policy for your website.
Status: On
Max-Age: 1 month
Include subdomains: On
Preload: On
Minimum TLS: 1.0
TLS 1.3:ON
automatic HTTP rewrite: on
Opportunistic Encrypt: ON
No Firewall Rules
HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 is disable, because I us to free cloudflare.
used to docker-cloudflare-ddns and I settings the zone Setting * (Zone - Zone Settings - Read ,* Zone - Zone - Read ,

  • Zone - DNS - Edit )

If I changed the DNS status prixied to DNS only the problem doesn’t exitst.
I want to use the proxied mod because more safe that the DNS only mode.
My DDNS client : oznu/cloudflare-ddns:
My CNAMEs are avarege container (qbittorrent,Nginx Proxy Manager, Lychee) but all cname has this error problem.

My other settings:

  • Router enabled the HTTP and HTTPS ports (80:80 and 443:443 )
  • Enebled cloudflare ip-s : IP Ranges | Cloudflare
  • try to another proxy server containner and enable cloudfpare ipv4 and ipv6 ip daresses: traefik , swag, Nginx proxy manager
    • OMV5 enable iptables 80 and 443 ports

CF Help

  1. Cloudflare IP addresses are rate limited or blocked in .htaccess, iptables, or firewalls. => it’s ok my server enable-d firewall, iptables.I don’t use to .htaccess file.
  2. An overloaded or offline origin web server drops incoming requests : Stop and purge cache but my problem is available or exist
  3. Keepalives: What and where should I do?
    • The origin IP address in your Cloudflare DNS app does not match the IP address currently provisioned to your origin web server by your hosting provider. : I use other dns client (ddclient) but tproblem is exist.

Can I help you ? Please describe (step by step) in detail what I do.
Thank you.

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Hi @ripman86 ,

It sounds like you have followed the docs, but here is some more information:

It is most likely the case that something is blocking the requests, but it’s hard to say.

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