Error 522 - the server works perfect


i have 2 years now a free account in Cloudflare and i was very pleased with clouflare!..
But today all my domains display in to me Error 522…i speak with the server provider and they told me that the server works perfect!..
(eg. i having 2(more) domains in server provider and both the 2 sites works!)
So…what is the solution for the domains that i have in Cloudflare??

thank you very much

They usually do :wink:

Whats your domain to start with?


hello sandro!

my domain is

Whats your SSL mode?

its Comodo Essential

before 5-6 hours all the sites was online…but 2 hours now…the are offline (error 522)
the domain is offline too…(it hasn;t ssl)

Not the certificate, what the SSL mode is in your Cloudflare control panel. Post a screenshot of your Crypto section.

sorry its Flexible
and the section Universal SSL Status is Active Certificate

Does your IP address by any chance end in .44?

no…my ip is

Okay, thats easier :slight_smile:

The problem simply is your server does not respond to connections, hence the error you get.

but when i enter in a site that the domain is in servers provider the site is online…i have problem only with the sites that is in Cloudflare

I am not sure what you were trying to say with your last statement, but the fact is your server does not respond.

thank you si much! you are perfect!! thank you!