Error 522 specially on product pages

Hi Team,

We have recently enabled cloudflare APO server on our domain and could see that the website performance was very good from last couple of weeks.

However, suddenly from last couple of hours (this morning to be precise) the website performance seems to be weird.

It loads very fast sometimes & sometimes it shows error 522 (on product pages especially) and error 525 sometime.

Below is the screen shot for your reference. Once the page is refreshed it loads again instantly.

We are scared as what’s going wrong. Could you please help us understand this?

We have generated the SSL of cloudflare origin on our serve whm also and enabled full strict setting in the cloudflare dashboard.

I doubt it’s APO related specifically. Could you disable APO and check if 5xx errors continue to popup?


That’s an issue. The reason of enabling the APO itself is for the speed & performance. We are actually running google ad campaigns & there is a lot of traffic on the website.

We will not be able to experiment it now.

Also, we have contacted the cloudflare support via email & they said that our traffic showed 524 error showed after 6am UTC. I doubt on woocommerce latest version plugin update which we have done today at around 11.30am IST which is close to that time.

Do you recommend going back to the earlier version of woocommerce plugin? I have the backup of that old version folder from the file manager


We also observed the below “NO HEADER RESPONSE” for few products on website.

Is this an issue or anything related?

I can’t say, what I can say it’s not APO related issue.

Even the screenshot which I had shared? No header?

Can you please help us with one more thing here?

The cf-apo-via shows “Origin,Cookie” sometimes and cf-cahe-satus: Bypass

Is this a normal behaviour or needs any further analysis?

Yes, APO bypass caching if user has wordpress cookies (logged-in user).

But we are getting this Origin, Cookie & by pass etc even if we are trying to access as normal visitors :open_mouth:

Is this because of page rules? We have 2 page rules in place - to by pass cache for wp-admin

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