Error 522 - some updates (nginx helper)

My previous topic got closed, was zero help there anyway. No clues there.

But in the meantime I did some site changes. I removed nginx helper and the problems are much better now. I need a few days observation. Seems not totally gone. But way less. I also use Redis Object-Cache.

At first sight, reading your past topic and this one, could it be related to your vhost file for your domain/website at origin.

Due to Nginx helper plugin (is it actually compatible with a recent WordPress CMS and Nginx web server?) and WordPress + Cloudflare, I haven’t used that plugin yet despite the fact running 60+ WordPress installations on Nginx (all behind Cloudflare including “Page Rules” for “Cache Everything” and with a cache plugin W3 Total Cache - where almost everything enbled, from page cache disk enhacned html, database memcached, object redis).

In case you get them again, write back so we could try to help you and figure out, if not, fix the issue together :wink:

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Let me observe it a while. With a rare error I can live. My sites aren’t too active.

My typical settings are:
Redis Object Cache
WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache (seems more convenient than the cloudflare plugin)

nginx helper didn’t got much updates the last 10 month or so. Might be out of date now.

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