Error 522 - Site is down from my part and i cant access it

I cant access to my site. I contacted my hosting provider and they said is not their problem. Apparently and probably cloudflare blocked my ip address and my wifi router ip address. So I dont know what to do?

I have error 522

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See the cloudflare status page. There is an ongoing customer-impacting issue, though CF says they are in the process of fixing it. (My site was affected as well.)

my sites are get in 522 error too.
I checked but some region also get error too.

My Website Also Affected (on LTE Network)

Update - We have identified an issue with a transit provider which is causing 5xx class HTTP errors, such as HTTP 522, 502, 503.

This is affecting all data centers that make use of this transit provider and we are working on implementing mitigations to alleviate this issue.

It’s a transit issue, looks like. I’m also having issues this morning connecting to reddit and a bunch of other sites, so I assume the issue is affecting interconnects all over the place.

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My site affected too when they will solve this?

Other CDNs are also affected—see Fastly’s status page:

Fastly is continuing global mitigation efforts due to a common IP transit provider experiencing a widespread event. Error rates and congestion remain elevated.

This explains why I’m having trouble getting to Reddit this morning—reddit uses fastly.

When transit breaks, crazy stuff happens.


Is this something that will be fixed anytime soon or am I best to take my site off cloudfare?

When there’s a fault within a transit network, the transit provider needs to fix it. Depending on the provider it’s most likely that other hosting companies or CDNs are affected as well and your site stays unreachable.

Though it’s hard, just give it some time. It seems that’s an issue at Level3/Century Link

This is outside of Cloudflare’s control.


Remember that the Internet is a collection of independently managed networks that have all agreed on a common set of protocols to connect to and exchange data with each other.

In addition to agreeing to a common set of protocols, network operators also make specific agreements about what physical locations they’ll use to connect their networks together, and exactly how much data they’ll allow other networks to send them and under what circumstances. Those interconnection arrangements are broadly referred to as peering agreements.

“Peering” in its most correct definition means that two network providers agree to allow their customers’ traffic to cross onto each others’ networks without paying any kind of fee or metering (the two providers are “peers” to each other). But there’s also “transit,” which is an interconnect arrangement where one party pays the other to accept its traffic (or they both pay each other for their traffic).

When one major network operator has problems with its interconnects to other major network operators, the effects can be widespread and maybe a little weird. Your home connection and your ISP may be fine, and Cloudflare’s datacenters may be fine, but it’s possible that for packets to get from your home to Cloudflare that they have to route through several intermediate networks; if one of those networks in the middle is having issues, then you get intermittent or broken connectivity.

Because the problem exists outside of Cloudflare’s control, the only thing they can do is to change how traffic flows into and out of their own networks, in an attempt to route around the problem. This takes time to do at scale, and it has to be done carefully to ensure the fix doesn’t create even worse problems. Plus, once the transit provider’s issue is fixed, cloudflare’s temporary mitigations have to be undone, which also takes time to do at scale.




My site is back!


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