Error 522 since today

Hello everybody, i have a very weird issue.
With CF on i get error 522 on very few specific files in my server when i try to reach them without the www. ahead of the url and ONLY when trying to access them from germany (i used to test). I’m in italy and it’s not working here too.
Everything is working perfectly with other countries.

What can the problem be?
Remember only some files (css or js) in the same folder with others…this makes no sense at all. -> 522 -> no issues

what can this be?

I had to disable CF to have the website working again.
Please a hint :frowning:

Post the real URLs.

had to edit, needed to disable CF

Interesting, I can confirm that. returns one 522, whereas goes through everywhere.

I first thought it might be related to requests for actual files (as opposed to requests for dynamic content) but that does not seem to be the case either as loads on all locations as well. I am a bit at a loss to be honest.

If you can definitely rule out that it cannot be a rather obscure issue with some www-specific configuration on your server I’d most certainly open a support ticket.
You dont have anything page rule related set up either, do you?

@cs-cf maybe?

no i have nothing like that

can someone help me? Support is totally ignoring me, my website is all broken from the Frankfurt Cloudflare proxy!!

solved, my firewall was blocking one ip from cf

Unless requests for www were always routed via that specific host (which I’d consider unlikely) that would not explain the observed behaviour however.

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