Error 522 Ray ID: 683221baba4e9704


yesterday (same time) and now I got the following error:

> # Error 522
> Ray ID: 683221baba4e9704 • 2021-08-23 06:02:24 UTC
> ## Connection timed out

for this website:

I asked our hoster but everything is ok. Yesterday, after 30 minutes, the problem was gone. What can I do to ensure that the problem will be resolved and doesn’t come every morning?

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Not necessarily related to your error, but if your server IP address ends in 73, then you’d currently have a security issue.

Thanks, but I servers Ip isn´t ending with 73. The problem still exists, website is completely down and I can´t resolve the problem. Same problem with

Do you have any idea?

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Today at 10:36 am on our MacBook with Chrome browser, the error message came up again for domain

It disapear after reloading.

The error message came when saving a post in WordPress. The error also came in the font end.
What can we do?

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