Error 522 on website

hi all i have a domain attached to cloudflare
with a website on github?

one of my pages on my website is receiving a error 522
i have checked my logs nothing is wrong there
on the error page its saying me and cloudflare are working
but host error on domain now i do not if its anything do with cloudflare or namecheap

i’m testing a form out on my voluntary website request form but when you get to the success page if goes to the error page?

any answers

Looking at this closer we can see our IPs are getting blocked or rate limited on WWW record.

I would make sure that your hosting provider confirm that the Cloudflare IP ranges listed in the URL below are fully allowlisted from any security software, firewall etc to ensure there is no rate limiting or blocking of our edge servers.

This should ensure that Cloudflare can consistently make a connection to your origin server to retrieve content and serve it to your visitors.

hi dmartin1 im hosting with github our domain
is with cloudflare aha but i’ll check with github
the success page is working now but for future
reference i’ll talk to github

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