Error 522 on website -

Hi All,

Getting a Error 522 on my website ( Interestingly, the issue only is from those using UK IPs. I have tried a VPN and get no issues (works as before).

Issue started 24 hours ago.

Website is hosted by A2 Domains. They have said the Cloudflare IPs are white-listed.

I have done a traceroute which shows that the connection is dropping right away on the second hop.

Spoken to my local internet provider (plusnet). They factory reset my IP which intermittently has resolved the issue. However, I get the same error using my mobile internet provider too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have paused cloudflare and now UK users are not reporting any issues.

Even though the IPs are allow-listed, it may still be a rate-limiting issue (as opposed to completely blocked, which allowlisting takes care of).

ill try out these tips and let you know!

Thanks for the help so far sdayman, appreciate it!

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