Error 522 on sub-domain


I have a domain on my hoster who is root to CloudFlare (my hoster has chaneg NameServer to Cloudlfare) and it works good.
I have create a sub-domain on this domain.
I have create a new record “A” type for this sub-domain on CloudFlare.
=> I have a 522 error
It’s not a problem of IP whitelist because my hoster doesn’t block IP.
I don’t understand…

It loads, but it’s super slow. Return visit was much faster.

@sdayman, i have the same problem. Always 522 error for my subdmain :

Here are some suggestions:

Hi @sdayman, i have already check with my hoster who as confirm me that he doesn’t block any IP. For .htaccess of my root domain, no IP blocking. On my sub-domain => There is no .htaccess

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