Error 522 on some images and js files, with Development mode turn-on it's ok, but how to fix for Dev Mode off?

Hello to all!

From today I have some strange and first-time occur situation on my website. Loading webpage slow, console says some 522 error on some files (images and js, not all, but some of them, enough to disturb loading websites normally and functionality), and also some pages shows Cloudflare 522 page.

Hosting is dedicated, with low visits, server load is fine (just 0.05) so I guess that’s not problem.

I read some articles, added Cloudflare IP ranges in iptables, but website works fine only when I turn on Development Mode (turn-off caching).

Does anybody know what’s going about, and how to resolve this thing with tunr-off development mode (it automatically turn-off for some time)?

Thanks in advance.

Possibly your server configuration, though that should not be caching related, respectively with enabled caching any potential high load should be actually reduced.

Which server software are you using and did you make any changes to its default network configuration? Posting the domain would be a good idea as well :wink:

Hi @sandro

Thank you for fast reply. It’s Hetzner dedicated server, Centos 7 + Whm (Cpanel), not any changes made in past time, it happen suddenly today.

Thanks again!

Development is currently off, isnt it? Right now it seems to load fine.

Your site loads quite a number of resources and if they cant all load in parallel (which is also influenced by the browser) some of them might be blocked until there are more slots, however that should never take so much time as for the request to run into a Cloudflare timeout.

I guess your logfiles didnt say anything in this regard. Did you check if you can load your site without issues directly from the server at the time when you experienced the timeouts?

Yes, I turn-off Dev Mode for you to see.

For me and further is same situaion, slow, with 522 error on some images and js.

Could it be some problem to Cloudflare and that somehow my traffic slowed down in my country? About a month ago there was a situation that for 15 minutes the Cloudflare fell for my country, so nobody from here can’t visit websites on Cloudflare.

Look my console:

It’s high load time when I visit simple html file also.

Well, but with it being turned off it actually shouldnt work, should it? And it did load the site without issues.

Cant tell, you could only forward the connection IDs to Cloudflare and maybe they can dig out what the issue was.

That might be either an issue with your server configuration or alternatively a browser issue. There are no 522 in that list though.

Here you can find some example of 522 image:

It’s strange that you open website nicely and without problems, and I need 15 seconds with these errors. For that it could be some Cloudflare problem with my country IPs. I must contact support.

There are some resources that took a bit longer, with three seconds being the maximum, however no 522s.

Opening a support ticket might be the best idea at this point, just make sure you forward the connection IDs of these 522s.

[snipped] doesnt show 522s either, however does show some waiting times as well. My guess, something in your server configuration is not right and/or a value set too low.

Hi @sandro

Thanks for replies! I set some changes on server firewall, reinstall it, and now is everything ok. Could you just delete from last post link from gtmetrix, i don’t want link of my website show in web search. Thanks.


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