Error 522 on some files and some connections


Hi friends!
A few days ago I add a domain to my CloudFlare free account. It’s a WordPress site that was working fine. But since I have CloudFlare I started to note some 522 errors on some specific files (some JPG pics, and specially .css with the string “file.css?ver=3.5.1”
I’m sure the files are in the server (I see them by FTP). The strange thing is when I browse the site by mobile phone network (4G) everything is FINE. Then I switch back to my home Internet connection, and the 522 error on the very same files persists.
The problem is WordPress relies a lot on .css files and this issue start to break things even in the WP Panel (can’t update some things).
I made a tracert test using both Internet connections (the one that gives me the 522 errors and the other were all works fine), but sincerely I don’t know how to use this data (please let me know if I can share here securely).
Note: I don’t use any page rule; all default configuration; SSL: ON, Flexible; and Always Online: OFF.

What can I do to solve this?? Thank you!!!

PD: I found a very similar case here:


I was able to solve this thanks to the great help of the CloudFlare support team.
For those experiencing the same issue, I recommend first trying TOR Browser; if your site is working fine in TOR (using a foreign IP) but not with your country IP, you should ask your hosting provider to whitelist all of the Cloudflare IP ranges, which are listed here:

Please take note of the IP RANGES, not only the IPs.

Bye, and good luck!