Error 522 on my staging website after rebooting the stage server

My developer has been working on his local machine and pushed a new piece of code last Thursday.

This triggered that some functionalities of our software was not responding properly showing us a
“There was an issue with your connectivity or internet connection”

The CPU of our server was almost at 100% for 12h and then dropped at 50% for another 12h and finally went to 0%.

For some reason we decided to power cycle the staging server, thinking it would allow for connectivity to be reactivated.

Instead it changed to the point we can no longer connect to our software staging env. We now face an error 522 time out error while trying to log in.

We have been in touch with digital ocean: no rate limiters, no blocks and no firewall.
We checked our Cloudflare account: pointing to the right IP address, no filters, no rules.

Can you please advise community?

Whats the URL? What did your developer say about the issue?

URL is

Developer saw that the code pushed last Thursday contained an infinite loop. Since then we fixed the code in local env. pushed it to staging but still unable to access the product.

And if you pause Cloudflare you can access your staging server on HTTPS just fine? Would you feel comfortable sharing the IP address here?

Thanks, you can remove the posting now if you want.

Your machine generally does not seem to be reachable. I cant tell whether that is whether there is a firewall or a service is not running, but it does not respond to HTTP nor to HTTPS. The machine seems to be running though, as it responds to a ping.

Thank you.

There shouldn’t be any firewall (I verified within Cloudflare and Digital Ocean and there is no trace of firewall in these services).

I d think a service is not running properly since I rebooted the machine last week.

Any clue what kind of service this would be?

Could there be any chance your server is configured to only allow Cloudflare connections? If that is the case it would explain why it would not seem to be running, however Cloudflare should be able to connect in this case. If it still isnt, it likely is a configuration issue of the firewall. But thats something only your developer can tell.

As for service, that depends on your configuration too, but I guess you should have some sort of webserver running at minimum. Again, something only your developer can clarify.

mmm, I went check on our Cloudflare again and seems that some “challenge” action are being taken on the firewall settings.

Can that be the reason in your opinion?

No, your server does not respond. Thats unrelated to Cloudflare.

Thanks fo your swift response.

If I recap:

  • Server does not respond yet Digital Ocean shows that the machine is running.
  • No firewall settings in Digital Ocean.
  • No server/Cloudflare configuration has been changed during the staging env. power cycle

Can the problem be coming from our source code itself? Maybe some bad programming (infinite loops) that prevents the system to be up and running?

It depends what they programmed. So far it really seems there simply is no service running at all, but that could also be a firewall issue.

Ok, one of our developer received a notification about the staging server being out of disk space.

Went ahead and added on DO some disk space, still facing the same issue.

That could be a reason, but doesnt have to be. Its really something you need to check on your server.

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