Error 522 on files all of a sudden


I have been using Cloudflare for years without issues but today I am getting Error 522 on multiple files across 22 sub domains on my server. My web host say the CF IP Ranges are whitelisted so this is not the issue.

I get the generic “Error 522 Connection Timed Out” page

Also if I connect with a VPN the sites load as normal, normally when this has happened in the past it fixed itself and started working after say 10 minutes. It’s now been over 48 hours since the sites were loading as expected.

All of the sites were working fine a few days ago but today nothing is loading and nothing has changed to my knowledge.

Does anyone know what could have triggered this?


I think it’s routed cloudflare problem, we got one too


I have no idea what is going on but it’s affecting us heavily right now. If you find any fixes please let me know and I will do the same.

Are your sites working through a VPN too?


Make sure CloudFlare IPs are whitelisted at the website host’s firewalls. Check out the following, too:


Web host says they’re all whitelisted also it was working fine for about 10 months and it stopped out of the blue.


5XX errors come from the origin - your web server, or the firewalls/routers at the host. I know it sounds like offloading of responsibility, but you have to solve this with your host. That is where the errors are being generated from. It’s probably some firewall issue.

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