Error 522 just started happening when I hadn't changed anything on the site in a couple of weeks

Error 522 with my site and it has made me very confused - it’s only just happened and I’d really like it up and running - it’s and although I’m using Cloudflare for the secure website it was originally hosted with SiteGround and I’m unsure who I ought to be speaking to ! Thanks in advance for reading this and if you can help out !!!

522s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out

But what do you mean by that?

Cloudflare can’t secure your website, if you mean SSL.

If your site is hosted on the machine where I think it is, then you have an expired certificate and should fix this as soon as possible as that leaves your site insecure.

Yes that’s what I meant - the SSL… So if I renew my certificate things should be good ???

Oh and do I do that on Cloudflare or the other site ??? Thanks for your help by the way !

Not necessarily, but without a valid certificate on your server you can’t have a secure site in the first place.

Renew your certificate, make sure your encryption mode is “Full strict” (otherwise it is insecure), and then let’s take it from there. Should it then still not work, we will have to check further. The certificate you need to renew is the one on your server (the one that seemingly expired three weeks ago).

Thank you SO much Sandro !!!

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