Error 522 in trying to open my website

Hi All.

l am a total beginner in setting up my own web page , originally set it up through Google, then transfered it to Cloudflare, not sure if i’ve set up the Cname or A correctly or any other parts i’ve done, i’ve set the 2 NS to Cloudflare. but when l tryand find my web site it comes up error 522. amd l will admit i’m totally lost.
So any help or advice would be very welcome.

Kind Regards

Did your site load fine on HTTPS originally?

It loaded once correctly with Google then the error message came up … cannot find site

What’s the domain?

[type or paste code here](

Can you pause Cloudflare?

Done it Sandro, it’s now paused

The IP addresses you configured are not publicly routable addresses. Do you want the domain just to forward somewhere or do you have an actual website hosted somewhere?

l have an actual website, which l assume is routed through Cloudflare, sorry i’m a total amatuer trying to set up my own website

it was originally set up though google domain if thats any help

Then keep it paused for now and contact your host to clarify which IP addresses you need to configure. Once you know that configure all necessary DNS entries on Cloudflare and verify if your site loads on HTTPS. If it does not, contact your host again and have that fixed by them.

Once everything loads fine on HTTPS you can unpause Cloudflare.

Sando, many thanks for your help,it’s most appreciated, thank you

Just to verify, your domain should not redirect to, right?


when you say contact my host is that google or Cloudflare, sorry for all the questions

Cloudflare is not your host, whether Google is your host is something only you can know. You need to contact whomever hosts your site.

ok, then that would be google

Then you need to clarify with Google the DNS entries you need to configure on Cloudflare.

Thanks Sandro

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