Error 522 if cloudflare is ON

I am getting 522 errors - when Cloudflare is turned on. If I turn it off, the website works fine!
Had the same problem yesterday, but suddenly the error was gone again.

I have the Cloudflare caching turned on, and the flexible SSL. When setting “Proxy status” to DNS only Cloudflare dashboard - my sites are working fine.

I have this error on multiple websites, that are hosted on different webservers.

Ok - sounds like it might be some Cloudflare issue. Strange thing is that the status page reports no issues at all.

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Now sites are working again. Really hope they can fix this soon!

Same here. I get the 520, 522, 524, 525 error around the same time window everyday, in the past couple of days. After a couple of hours it’s back to normal.

These errors are not Cloudflare errors but issues on your server when it blocks connections from Cloudflare. You need to fix this on your server network.

I suggest you all use the search :wink:

This only happened recently (2 days on my end), and to multiple users.

@vida, that still will be an issue on your server and I’d urge you as well to use the search and not post in others’ threads but open your own.

My sites are hosted at Zitcom - so the issue is the same as this one.

Sounds like the issue has been resolved.

That will have been the same issue then.