Error 522, I can't reach my webserver


I am not able to reach to my website. I move the site to cloud flare. can someone help me.

Faruk Ahmed

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Still having issue.

Dear team,

Your SSL is not working. I just bypassed the SSL. It is working fine. Can you please take a look at it to fix this.

I’m still getting a 522. Are you using Internet Explorer on something like Windows XP?

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Windows 10.

If I proxied the IP, it don’t work. If bypass proxy, it works but not with SSL as I showed you before.

My guess was the same as @sdayman’s.

Apparently, there is no problem with the SSL certificate, so the issue is probably on your end.

Please, take a look at this #CommunityTip on Error 522:

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It was working. only change was my ip address from to can you please tell me.

Did you update your DNS entry in the Cloudflare Dashboard? You’ll have to change the .72 to .70

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Yes, I changed the ip to and DNS NS and NS Are these correct?


I just now took out from proxied, now it is working fine without SSL. when I set to proxied, it doesn’t work. Any idea why?

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