Error 522 Hosting Provider Changed IP Address

  1. After encountering Error 522 (Connection Time Out), I followed Cloudflare instruction asking my hosting provider a series of common causes, and my hosting provider came back with everything is good except there’s an IP address changed. My question is where do I go to update this IP address change in Cloudflare?

  2. In the Cloudflare dashboard, no matter what I click there is this “Authentication error (Code: 10000)” red error message keeps appearing. Does anyone know why and how to resolve this?

  3. Under “Overview”, it keeps asking me to " Complete your nameserver setup" (which I did completed by changing the nameservers to Cloudflare"), it keeps pointing me back to click “Check nameservers”. After I clicked on it, nothing happened. And the next round when I clicked on “Overview”, I’m back to the same “Complete your nameserver setup” again. How do I get out of this loop?

Thank you.

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