Error 522 (Host error, www and https://www not working)

Hi Cloudflare community,

I have migrated my hosting and domain to Cloudflare and have been very impressed. Although, Recently I noticed that website only works with https:// but not with www or https://www. I read Cloudflare articles as well as went through to similar posts before posting here, but I can’t get it to work.

To be more specific.

http:// or (Works) (Host error, Error 522) (Host error, Error 522)

Screenshot has been attached for DNS page. (Note: SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full)

Any guidance will be appreciated, Thank you.

Is working before you turn on :orange: for the DNS record?

Also I would suggest you to hide your IP address in the screenshot - someone may note down and launch DDoS attack to your IP address directly :laughing:


@erictung Thank you for letting me know that IP address are sensitive information, I did update the image. The Cloudflare logo is the default setting as the domain is hosted and registered at Cloudflare, I have not changed any settings as I am not much knowledgeable in the DNS.

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Ok, actually you prefer to use as the main domain or

If you prefer then I suggest you to redirect all traffic to using page rules.

If not, first you need to fix the configuration in the server itself, then redirect to


@erictung Thank you, I redirected to in page rules.

It seems to work well now, Appreciate your help.

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