Error 522 (host error aws(hosting)

I have read all the articles majorly but found no proper solution to fix my error. This is my website I when I activated HTTPS in Cloudflare dashboard for my website it shows 522 error on my website. My hosting is with AWS free tier. I am unable to find a proper solution. I am using a different plugin like woo commerce and elementor and I do not think that this will be the reason for the error but I want to confirm them too

More than likely, it’s trying to connect on Port 443 for a secure connection, but you don’t have HTTPS properly configured on your server. So AWS isn’t responding to Cloudflare’s connection on Port 443.

I have worked on that and changed the setting to flexible rather than strict. It is working but the new issue . That my website is showing secure in edge browser but in chrome it is still showing insecure warning any idea why this would be happening. And when i click on not secure it gives me detail of the certificate i have of cloudfare.

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