Error 522 Help

I am encountering an Error 522 and I am told that my web address is pointing to Cloudflare IP address not my hosting server, and that I should login into Cloudflare and check.

I don’t know where in Cloudflare control panel to check and/or how to redirect to my hosting IP address. Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks.

My website is

Have your tried this

How do I check/correct this: * Incorrect IP address in the Cloudflare DNS settings (i.e. the request from us was sent to the wrong place)?


That would just be in your DNS setting making sure that what ever IP you have set matches the one of your host.

Hi @eatnabout, you name servers are not pointing to Cloudflare, those need to be updated with your domain registrar to the ones shown on your DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard.

$ dig ns +short

As @Jake1st mentioned, you need to make sure the IP address shown for your A record on the DNS tab points to your origin IP. I suspect the IP you are using is correct and the error goes back to the name servers.

Nonetheless, first step is adding the zone to Cloudflare, second step is to change name servers; so a good place to start troubleshooting is to make sure those first steps are done properly.

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