Error 522 - help

Hi there! My website is giving error 522. Consult my hosting provider and they told me that it was not their problem. that I consulted with you.
Please I need to fix it. I am a newbie so I would greatly appreciate your help. I leave my website

Everything was working fine until today. I have not touched anything.
sorry for my english i’m using google translate

Works for me -


Are you still getting this? May have been infrequent.

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I can not enter any of the 3 web browsers that I have that could be? I leave a screenshot

Could you go to and screenshot the page?

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This is the information it gives me

I don’t understand it is ok?


Is it still not loading?

Asked for that page to see what datacenter it’s connecting to for you - looks like EZE.

Since it works near me and many other places, it might be an issue with that datacenter, or perhaps country (if your country is making local ISPs block the website).

Looks like Brazil is having problems as well - are you in South America?

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If I am in South America, in Argentina
That I have to do?
should i wait?

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