Error 522 for subdomain only

I created a one-page Cloudflare Pages website and the root domain works (see Cloudflare Pages Sample). The www subdomain is getting Error 522. The DNS has CNAME records for both the root and www subdomain. Is that the problem? Should I not have a CNAME record for the www subdomain?

I created another one-page Cloudflare Pages website (see Original Warm Fuzzies) and the www subdomain is still served from Google (unless the problem was that the DNS needed to propagate). When I added that domain name to its project Cloudflare did not ask about the www subdomain but since the DNS for the previous domain/project is not working I am not sure what to do.

Did you add the www. domain specifically into Custom Domains in the Pages project?

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When I say the preceding I mean I have the following.

  • From my Dashboard, with Websites selected, I click on the domain name
  • In the upper-right I click DNS Settings
  • In there I have a CNAME record for the root ( and a CNAME record for www

When I go to Pages in my Dashboard and click on the site and go to the Custom domains tab I do not see how to add the www. domain. I see an ellipsis (three horizontal dots) at the right of the domain name and when I click it and click Manage Cloudflare DNS nothing happens.

Also note that Get started · Cloudflare Pages docs (I think) uses the term subdomain with two definitions; it refers to subdomains of and it refers to subdomains of our custom domains. I see no instructions for adding any CNAME records for subdomains of our custom domains, so it is not clear what to do.

It’ll be the exact same way you added the domain originally - click on Set up a custom domain and enter

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Okay I did that for both sites and they are working now.


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